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KOS Clan Management Guide:
How to Join a Clan:

1. Log into the Game.  Locate the Clan Button.

2. Clan Interface – Lets you Check the list of the Existing clans.

3. Select a Clan to view their info. Click Join Clan if you have selected your desired clan.

4. A Prompt will pop out after clicking the Join Clan button. Just click “ok” if you wish to continue.

5. An application will be sent to the Clan Master via Website Clan Management.

6. If your application was approved by the clan master, this system message will appear.

Clan Creation

1. Go to KOS Website then click Ranking. Once under the Clan Page, Log in your KOS Game Account.

2. Click on Create Button. Note that you have to be at least level 28 to be able to create a clan. Otherwise, you might miss the full functionalities of this tool.

3. After clicking the Create button this message will appear, just click on OK.

4. You will then be directed to the Clan Creation Page where you can input your desired Clan Name and Clan Introductory message to attract members for your clan.

Note: Maximum clan name is 20 bytes or 20 characters ONLY.
Click on the Availability button to check if your clan name is valid. A system message will appear if the clan name you chose is available.

5. Finally, you can either choose a default logo for your Clan or customize your own clan logo. Clan logos must be 32x32 pixels in size. To select a default logo, just click on the buttons below the image you desire. To use a customized logo click on Browse, and select the directory of your customized Clan Logo

6. Click on Confirm to submit your Clan Application. A system message will appear, just click on OK.

Congratulations you have successfully created a clan. Just a reminder, Clan processing takes approximately 24 hours before it’s listed inside the game.

Clan Management - For Clan masters only
  1. Log in your KOS in-game account username and password to KOS Website.

  1. Click on Manage button.

  1. Check the list of Applicants. You can also Re-edit your Clan info and upload new Clan Logo and have the option to disband your clan if you wish to create a new one for your character. Only one (1) clan is allowed per account.

    If you wish to disband your clan the name will no longer be available for future use, so be careful if you still wish to keep your clan name.

Approving and denying applications for your clan
  1. If you wish to approve or deny a clan applicant, simply click on Approve or Deny button.

  2. A prompt message will appear if you wish to accept the application or deny the application. Choose OK or Cancel if you have decided.