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KOS Clan Management FAQs

1. How to create a clan?
See KOS clan guide. Go to KOS Clan Page. Create and Manage your own Clan.

2. How to join a clan?
Log in your account in-game. Locate Clan Icon. Refresh Page and Select a Clan then click Join.
Your application will be sent to KOS Website. Wait for the Clan Master to accept your application.

3. What is the Level Requirement when Creating a Clan?
You must be at least Level 28 or the Rank of a Master Sergeant.

4. What is the Level Requirement when joining a Clan?
No Level or Rank requirement when joining a clan. A Level 0 with Rank Skull symbol (Recruit) will be able to join a clan.

5. What is the Maximum Clan Members in one Clan?

200 Clan Members including the clan master.

6. What are the Maximum Pending applications of a clan in the Clan Website?
Maximum of 90 applications.

7. What are the Maximum and Minimum characters / bytes of a Clan Name?
Minimum Characters / Bytes: 1
Maximum Character / Bytes: 20

8. What is the Clan Logo Requirement?

32 x 32 pixels / bytes in .jpg format

9. Can I create another clan for my other character?
Currently only 1 clan is allowed per account.

10. Is it possible for my alternate character[s] to join a clan even though my Main character is already in a clan?
No, once you already have a clan for you character, your alternate character[s] can no longer join other clans including your own.

11. I always return to the login page of the KOS Clan Management page whenever I try to login, what should I do?
You can try using a different browser. Try using Mozilla Firefox ver 3.5 or Internet Explorer 8.

12. I can’t disband my clan even though I have no members yet.
Regardless if you have no members yet in your clan, once you have pending applications you will not be able to disband your clan. It is recommended that you deny all pending applications first then try to disband.

13. I already created/disbanded my clan, why is it that it is still not visible in the Clan in-game?
Clan registration/disband takes approximately 24 hours before it is recorded in the system. Kindly wait for 24 hours after clan creation/disband.

14. I get a System Error (15361) when I tried to join a clan. See screenshot below:

This error message appears when the clan you are applying for does not exist. Note that the system refresh time is at least 24 hours.

15. How do I leave a clan?
For clan masters you should expel all clan members as well as all application first to disband your clan, please see FAQ #12. For Clan Members the only way to leave a clan is via in-game. Please see screenshots below:

Word disband is leave. Currently this is still being fixed. We’ll have this guide updated once it has already been fixed by our developers.

For questions and concerns which were not included in this FAQ, kindly file a ticket via our Customer Support Ticketing System or call us via our Customer Support Hotline at 751-9611, our hotlines are available from 12nn to 8pm daily.